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The Royal Monastery of San Jeronimo at Yuste

The Royal Monastery of San Jerónimo at Yuste


The history of this Monastery stretches back hundreds of years, and it has been witness to many historical events, such as the visit of Carlos V or the presence of the Jeronimo Order.

Yuste Monastery is the only royal site, following the disappearance of the Palace of the Catholic Monarchs in Guadeloupe, that can be classified as a "singular building" in Spain. It has a rich and important cultural heritage and has witnessed many major events in the history of Spain and Europe.

Many of these events have been related to the European outlook of the monastery. Firstly, there is Carlos V, who is an essential figure for understanding this part of our common history and the sense of spirituality that accompanies a certain way of viewing the world. After four hundred years, this essence, which continues intact in Yuste, has been built on in a series of advances, such as the ECSC, the Treaty of Rome, the European Economic Community and the European Union. These represent an avalanche of responses to the dream of Europe that Carlos V had when he was forced to abdicate.

Secondly, there is the Jeronimo Order, which had its Curia in the Yuste Monastery. The life of a Jeronomite monk was one of prayer, silence and work. It is a monastic life that, in short, combines the life of Carthusian, Trappist and Benedictine monks, concepts that have been deeply rooted in European culture since the Middle Ages. The combination of all this, together with the ideas of Augustus, which spread across the continent from Jerusalem and Constantinople to the Iberian peninsula.

Thirdly, the location here of the Yuste European Academy has, basically through its activities and the prestige of the Carlos V European Prize, helped to re-launch a cultural and social Europe, with all the identity and diversity of contemporary Europe, the Europe of its citizens.

To summarise, you could say that Yuste, Emperor Carlos V and Europe form part of the same whole, and perfectly reflect the ups and downs of the continent's history.

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