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Art Promotion

Encuentros / Debates

The Assistant Office of Fine Arts Promotion offers courses and informative activities, such as conferences, workshops, meetings, etc. to encourage the fine arts.

Every year a course is organised in one of the AECI (Spanish International Co-operation Agency) Training Centres. This year it was held in Bolivia, from 18 to 22 June, at the Cooperación Española (Spanish Co-operation) Training Centre in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, under the title:  "Exposiciones Temporales: organización y gestión (Temporary Exhibitions: organisation and management)".

Technical training in exhibition management

Title: Temporary Exhibitions: Organisation, Management and Co-ordination

Duration: 30 hours

Description: Two thematic areas: Theory and Practice

This training course is designed for sector professionals who require more in-depth knowledge of the world of temporary exhibitions. This course, which consists of theoretical content and a practical component, aims to present all aspects related to conceiving, designing and managing temporary exhibitions.

The course is given by staff from the Assistant Office with the support of sector professionals, and it is available to interested institutions upon request.

  • Theory
    • Cultural Management. Exhibitions as a cultural policy strategy.
    • Temporary exhibitions as a social communication medium. Conceiving an exhibition.
    • Graphic and spatial design in temporary exhibitions.
    • Administrative management. Files. Budgets. Projects.
    • Legal management. Agreements. Intellectual Property.
    • Exhibition coordination. Loans. Set-up. Conservation.
    • Document management. Archive. Databases.
    • Dissemination, Education and Cultural Action.
  • Practice
    • Creation, management and dissemination of an exhibition project. Setting up an exhibition.

This year a manual has been published that is available to the public at all Ministry of Culture sales outlets.
"Temporary Exhibitions: Organisation, Management and Co-ordination”
Madrid: Ministry of Culture, Publications, Information and Documentation Sub-department, 2006 .- 148 p.
Description: The manual covers 4 areas: Organisation, Co-operation Agreements, Economic Management and Technical Co-ordination.
The manual presents the criteria applied for organising the Fine Arts Promotion Sub-Department's temporary exhibitions.

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