Formulario para BUSCAR dentro del Ministerio de Educacion,Cultura y Deporte



Personalised accesses in response to diverse users' information needs, offering the possibility of direct entry into the different informational resources of the Ministry.

Search results are ordered by an algorithm that assigns relevance to the pages depending on aspects such as the closeness of match with the search words, frequency of appearance in the content, or position (greater relevance is given if the words are found in the page title or description).

Access by profile

Accesses adapted to different profiles, allowing quick and direct search for the information of interest to specific users.

Virtual Culture information channels

Direct accesses to the data bases, catalogues and other information resources of the Ministry's different areas of activity and services. 

Filtering results by areas

Consult any of the result lists of the different channels, sorting them by the various areas of activity of the Ministry of Culture.

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