Laboratorio Permanente de Público de Museos


Research programmes. Permanent Museum Visitor Studies Laboratory

The Permanent Museum Visitor Studies Laboratory will carry out basic research projects to provide all the participating museums with the data necessary to learn about the characteristics of the different types of visitors, according to their socio-demographic profile, their expectations and motivations, their experience of the visit, behaviour patterns during it, participation in museum activities, and so on. Besides the special studies of each museum, the results of the research envisage overall and comparative study between museums.

The programme will also be carrying out assessments and research according to the needs and interests of the participating museums, so that all the aspects that link the museums to the visitors will eventually be researched.

The he Permanent Museum Visitor Studies Laboratory aims to encourage best practices in relation to visitor research. In this respect, as far as is possible, the publication of the materials used to evaluate all aspects related to visitors will be encouraged. To do this, we make available to (previously accredited) institutions and researchers the questionnaires and the methodology used in our research with the aim of enhancing quality visitor studies in our field.

Research projects carried out already or still ongoing are:

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