Laboratorio Permanente de Público de Museos


Planning the project. Permanent Museum Visitor Studies Laboratory

Activities at the Anthropology Museum

Development of the project includes various phases, articulated as a continuous cycle of research, training, publication of results and their adaptation to the reality of each museum.

This planning begins with a preliminary phase which will include training courses for the staff of participating museums. At the same time, the foundation is laid for teamwork through the implementation of a communications network.

Basic research will also be done to give each of the participating museums the data needed to segment visitors according to certain variables and to give a comparative overview of all of them.

This first phase will end with the publication of the results of the research and its evaluation, with the idea of designing programmes to enhance the image of each museum, its visibility and its social impact as well as the connections relating them and making them complementary.

The next phase is characterised by the use of evaluation as a permanent working procedure. The systematic use of this type of research will generate specific research methods.

As in the earlier stage, the activities designed with these requirements will be agreed upon by all participating museums, designed jointly and taking account of the particularities of each museum and evaluated with the same methodology and instruments. The information network established in the previous phase will be retained in its entirety. Similarly, the courses will respond to training needs relating to the research work and the field under study (effectiveness of signage, of texts, of audiovisual media, workshops, etc.).

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