Laboratorio Permanente de Público de Museos


Objectives. Permanent Museum Visitor Studies Laboratory

The Permanent Museum Visitor Studies Laboratory is designed to:

  1. Make visitor research a management tool integrated in the day-to-day running of museums that helps to plan and programme by taking into account visitors’ interests and needs.
  2. Provide the Sub-directorate General of State Museums, through the results of the global and comparative inter-museum research, with the data necessary to design common lines of action in the field of museums and their relationship with visitors.
  3. Obtain an agile and rigorous system of statistics and indicators that supports and enables the museum to carry out its study, gaining exhaustive knowledge of the needs of visitors in everything that concerns them.
  4. Introduce an inter-museum communications system that encourages teamwork and makes participation in the research projects to be carried out and the joint application of their results possible.
  5. Give museum staff, through training activities, the necessary preparation to take on tasks relative to the visitor studies.
  6. Make the results of the research work carried out public in order to contribute to a greater knowledge of museum visitors and of the institutions themselves, based on the way the citizens perceive them.
  7. Become the centre and point of reference of visitor studies in museums in Spain.

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