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Documentation in the Museums

Technical documentation department

Today, documentation is one of the museum's most important functions. The museums can establish themselves as "documentation centres", as institutions that gather, manage and disseminate cultural information, information that can be just as important as the collections themselves or more so. Documentation in the museum must be understood in a dual sense. Firstly, as the set of documents held by the institution, which may be highly varied in terms of formats, content, origin and cultural value. Secondly, as a process, that is, a series of working sequences applied to the collections of documents or in the management of the museum in accomplishing its different functions.

The basic tasks assigned to the technical departments of documentation are the documentation functions assigned to the museums' collections area:

  • Museum document system organisation and management.
  • Control and documentary management of the receipt and the internal and external cultural asset transfers, as well as their elimination from the museum collection.
  • Registration and inventory of the cultural assets.
  • Archiving all types of technical, graphic and audio-visual documentation, in any format.
  • Organisation and management of the museum library and documentary archives.
  • Advice and consultancy service to professionals, researchers and the general public in their area of responsibility.

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