Overview of publishing
in Spain

The Spanish Publishing panorama

The Overview of Spanish Publishing is the statistic of the book sector in Spain drawn up by the Office for the Promotion of Spanish Books, Reading and Literature, which is carried out by means of a systematical operations on the data from the Spanish ISBN Agency (International Standard Book Number). For this reason, the study covers the publications published by the Spanish publishing agents who have been awarded these numbers annually.

The tables provided on this page can be consulted in three time categories: Annual data with regard to the previous year, Quarterly previews with regard to the current year and Evolution tables of the last five years, except in the Domestic Trade tables (which include the Copyright data) and the Foreign Trade tables where the data is not quarterly. These tables are provided by the Spanish Federation of Publishing Associations and by the Federation of Book Associations, respectively.

The data provided on internet only include the tables from the main indicators in the sector, whilst the detailed analysis can be found in the printed edition of the Overview of Publishing in Spain, available at the Ministry's Publication Centre.

NIPO: 551-07-100-6

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