Overview of publishing
in Spain

Key figures concerning Spanish publishing

  • Total publishing production increased by 5.7% in relation to the previous year (from 104,223 in 2008 to 110,205), publishing of paper books increased by 1.5% (96,955 books published in 2009, compared to 95,508 the previous year); publishing in other formats increased by 52% (13,250 in 2009, compared to 8,715 in 2008).
  • The level of participation of public publishing represents 8.6% of total publishing production (which was 9.8% in 2008).
  • The following increases have occurred in publishing sub-sectors: other (17.3%), text books (10.9%), social sciences and humanities (9.5%), science and technology (3.9%), leisure time books (3.9%) and literary creation (1.1%); the only drop recorded was in books for children and young people (5.3%).
  • Electronic publishing has experienced an increase of 55.2% with regard to the previous year.
  • Of the total number of books published, 93.0% were published in Spanish languages, of which publishing in Castilian Spanish was by far the greatest (84.2%), followed by Catalan (10.3%), Galician (2.1%) and Basque (2.0%).
  • Translations represent 22.9% of production, with English at the top (47.3% of translated works).
  • The autonomous regions of Catalonia and Madrid account for 61.4% of total production, with a very similar share: Madrid, 32.2%, and Catalonia, 29.1%. They are followed by Andalusia (14.0%) and the Region of Valencia (5.3%).
  • As regards private production, 35.2% was published by 153 publishing companies, representing 4.3% of the companies with activity last year.

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