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Cultural Industries

Presentation of the Cultural Industry Area

These pages contain all the information about cultural and creative industries in Spain, their management, operation, training, aid, subsidies, funding, grants, awards, etc.

This section dedicated to cultural and creative industries is divided into three areas:

  • Funding: main lines of funding for cultural industries established by the Office for Promotion of Cultural Industries and Patronage.
  • Aid: set of aid measures established by the Office for the Promotion of Cultural Industries and Patronage aimed at both professionals and companies, and also non-profit organisations.
  • Training: aid and grants to promote training in the area of cultural management, innovation and different artistic disciplines.
  • Intellectual Property: access to all the information relating to intellectual property rights, what they consists of, who is involved and the processes applied.
  • Events and congresses: Events and congresses: main events, congresses and conferences on cultural industries.

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