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Cultural Industries

International Cooperation. Cultural Industries.

The Sub-directorate General for the Promotion of Cultural Industries and Foundations and Patronage is responsible for managing cultural industries and it therefore plays an important role outside of Spain.

European Union cultural industries working group

Following the report “The Economy of Culture in Europe” four major issues were identified and which need to be developed. Firstly, the generation of statistical information enabling work to be carried out at a European level; secondly, transparency of awareness of the public cultural policies of the different member countries of the European Union and, simultaneously, the important need to increase the European Commission's culture budget; thirdly, the recipients of the aid should continue to be small and medium sized cultural entities; and, finally, local and regional policy and social cohesion.

Spain is a member of the working group “maximising the potential of cultural and creative industries and, in particular, that of SMEs”; whose activities are encompassed within the Council's Culture 2008-2010 Work Plan and the designation of 2009 as “European Year of Creativity and Innovation”.

The meetings held to date took place in Brussels (July 2008 and September 2008), Paris (October 2008) and Sofia (December 2008).

A subgroup division was decided at the Paris meeting. Spain was placed in group 3, called "Method", together with Sweden, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Lithuania and Slovenia. This group will work on two basic issues:

  • Funding conditions
  • Incubators and hubs

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