Survey of Cultural Habits
and Practices in Spain

Introduction. Survey of cultural habits and practices 2002-2003

The content of this publication is structured as follows. The publication starts with a section on Methodology, giving a description of the objectives, definitions of the main concepts used and the basic technical characteristics of the Survey, knowledge of which is necessary in order to correctly evaluate the results obtained. Following this are a group of synthetic tables and graphs showing the main figures obtained from the survey. These are given in order to give an overview of the behaviour of the most important variables.

The core of the publication is comprised of a group of statistical tables divided into eleven chapters. The first two chapters provide information about the general environment in which leisure activities are performed and the cultural equipment available to the people researched in the survey. Chapter 3 is mainly dedicated to the reading indicators of books not related to work or studies and, to a lesser extent, to the reading of periodical publications and library attendance. Chapter 4 refers to scenic arts: theatre, opera, zarzuela (traditional Spanish operetta) and ballet/dance, with a similar structure for the four different arts, only with a more detailed breakdown for theatre, where the scale of the phenomenon has made this possible. Music, classical and contemporary music concerts, and a general view of the numerous indicators for this field are included in chapter 5.

Following this the publication focuses on the audio-visual sector, starting with chapter 6, which is dedicated to cinema, followed by other specific chapters on video, radio and television. The use of new technologies, computers and Internet, which have opened to the way to new forms of culture and their impact on habits, formed part of the survey and are looked at in chapter 9. This is followed by Museums, Monuments and Archives. Finally, the last chapter includes indicators relating to other cultural activities or related to free time.

All the data in this publication can be found on the INTERNET at the addresses and At these same addresses you can also view the publication Survey of Cultural Habits and Practices in Spain 2002-2003. Descriptive analysis of the main results, a complementary publication to the one offered here.

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