Council of St James

Functions of the Council of St James

Regulated by Royal Decree 1431/2009, of 11 September, regulating the reorganisation of the Council of St. James (BOE, 29 September 2009).

The functions of the Plenary Session of the Council are to study and propose the following matters in order to submit them to the corresponding public administration agencies represented on the Council:

  • Actions concerning the delimitation, sign-posting, layout and maintenance of the Way of St. James in all of its historical branches.
  • Actions designed to rehabilitate and conserve the assets linked to the historical-cultural heritage of the Way of St. James.
  • Activities to promote the Way of St. James and its cultural and tourist dissemination, both nationally and internationally, with special emphasis on support for pilgrims.
  • Specific actions regarding the celebration of the St. James Years (Años Jacobeos).
  • Actions to improve the landscape and environment surrounding the Way.

The functions of the Executive Committee to be performed under the supervision of the Plenary Session, are as follows:

  • To promote co-ordination among the different institutions and autonomous regions in order to carry out the work necessary enabling the Council of St. James' Plenary Session to fulfil its functions.
  • The application and monitoring of the agreements taken in the Council of St. James' Plenary Session.
  • To agree the measures undertaken by the different Administrations for the protection, regulation and sign-posting of the Way.
  • To co-ordinate the joint information gathered on the state of conservation of the Way of St. James.
  • To promote the cultural revitalisation of the Way, offering services and activities especially aimed at pilgrims or people interested in finding out more about the Way.
  • To promote the undertaking of detailed studies on the public and private resources invested in the Way, the human resources dedicated to its management and its value as an instrument for economic development and as a regional backbone.
  • To resolve any urgent matters that require an immediate decision, providing information thereon at the next following Plenary Session of the Council of St. James held.
  • Any other function delegated by the Plenary Session of the Council of St. James.

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