Council of St James

Jacobeo 1999

Colegiata de Roncesvalles. Navarra.

Tax benefits

Regulation in this respect was established by the tenth additional provision of Law 66/1997, of 30 December, on Tax, Administrative and Social Measures, developed in detail by Royal Decree 612/1998, of 20 April, which develops certain provisions of Law 66/1997, of 30 December, on Tax, Administrative and Social Measures regarding tax benefits applicable to the 1999 St James Year (Año Santo Jacobeo) and to Santiago de Compostela, European Culture Capital 2000.

In addition, the plenary session of the Council approved the plans and programmes for carrying out specific events for 1999.

Programmes and Activities

There were multiple and diverse programmes conducted in relation to the Way of St. James and the preparation of the 1999 St James Year, encompassing historical, cultural and tourist aspects.

The essential work performed by the Council of St. James was to establish a general framework for co-operation between the central government, the public administrations of the eight autonomous regions through which the Way runs, and the private sector partners who voluntarily participated in this event.

All of the actions performed had a common goal: to contribute to the conservation and improvement of the Way and its historical heritage and, in addition, to its cultural and tourist dissemination, both nationally and internationally, with special emphasis on support for pilgrims.

These activities may be categorised in four broad sections:

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