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Introduction. Bicentenary of the War of Independence

The Bicentennial of the War of Independence will be commemorated in 2008. The uprising of the Spanish people against Napoleon's troops represented a milestone for Spain as a nation, marked by their strong sense of belonging to a common project.

The War of Independence also symbolises Spain's incorporation to political contemporaneity. Modern historical-political thinking is based on ideas and concepts forged in the events that are now commemorated, and which form the basic pillars of its theoretical development, in addition to reflecting its impact on historical reality.

National sovereignty, the will of the people, the birth of liberalism, the fight for freedom and the idea of a social body bonded together by means of very different principles and modes to those of the preceding political regimes, contribute to giving the War of Independence a meaning worthy of commemoration and analysis.

This portal, created by the National Committee for the celebration of the Bicentennial, presents the complete programme of activities that commemorate this historical event and offers information on other web pages of interest.

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Fragment of the Batalla de Salamanca (Battle of Salamanca), W. Heath and Clarke (1815). Salamanca Provincial Government.

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