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Dos de Mayo Subcommittee

The Subcommittee of the Second of May, presided over by the Mayor of Madrid Mr Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, has the fundamental purpose of co-ordinating the different activities carried out within the city of Madrid.

The main objective of the programmed activities will be to offer a new view of the significance of the events that occurred in Madrid, explaining why specific events were the elements required to put an end to the society of the Old Regime and paved the way for liberalism in Spain and to ideas such as freedom, constitution and sense of citizenship. The paradox of those events was that the people rose up against a force of occupation and in defence of their monarchs and yet those same events, which can be understood as the reaffirmation of absolute monarchy, signalled the start of its disappearance. At that time, the people unknowingly rose up in defence of what they considered the symbol of national sovereignty which, shortly afterwards, was recognised to be in the people themselves. After the Second of May 1808, it could be said that nothing was to ever be the same.

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