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Institutional presentation

On 31 January 2008 EYID was present in the main Spanish cities thanks to the official launch of the 2008 European Year of Intercultural Dialogue. The objective of this initiative was to make the event visible and achieve the greatest possible impact in society with the participation of European cultural operators.

The presentation ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Culture took place in the Salon de Columnas reception hall at the Ministry in Madrid and was attended by the Spanish, European and Latin American representatives of institutions participating in the “EUROPEAN YEAR OF INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE”. Outstanding figures within the Spanish cultural panorama were guests at the event.

Activities with civil society

The Autor Foundation and the Spanish Coalition for Cultural Diversity were responsible for the organisation and co-ordination of all events.(www.coalicionedc.org)

Concerts with EC artists

In collaboration with the National Association for the Co-ordination of Live Music Venues (Asociación Coordinadora Estatal de Salas de Música en Vivo, ACCES) concerts were organised by artists from the European Community at Spain's most emblematic medium-sized venues (200 - 400 persons).

List of venues and artistic proposals
  Region City Venue Artist
1 Andalusia Seville Malandar Iyexa
2 Andalusia Granada El Tren Labase Martínez + Eat Prunes
3 Extremadura Caceres La Cuerda The Morley Experiment
4 Extremadura Alburquerque Café de Arucas Tennis
5 Cast-Mancha Toledo Circulo de Arte Jazzhondo
6 Valencia Valencia El Loco Bakanal - Desera - Demarras
7 Cast-Leon Valladolid Café España Karel García
8 Cast-Leon Salamanca The Irish Rover Theatre Naif
9 Basque Country Irun Sala Tunk! Bort
10 Basque Country Bilbao Bilbaina Jazz Club Nicolas Moreaux 4tet
11 Navarre Pamplona Artsaia Emma
12 Aragon Zaragoza Casa del Loco Caciques
13 Asturias Gijón Savoy Club Santiago Campillo & the Electric Band
14 Galicia Pontevedra - Vigo Fabrica de Chocolate Orangotang+Deva
15 Galicia Lugo Clavicembalo Bruno T. Ford
16 Catalonia Barcelona Sidecar Freud quiere bailar
17 Catalonia Tarragona La Vaquería La Rumbé
18 Balearic Islands Palma de Mallorca Assaig Los Primos
19 Canary Islands Tenerife Cafeoteca Free Feet
20 Canary Islands Las Palmas El Alambique Quinta Avenida


The slogan “United in diversity“ and its corresponding logos were included on the programming for these venues, which were decorated with posters. Full press releases were issued for each town or city.


Great cultural event day in Madrid

To mark the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, a great cultural event day was held in the Paraninfo at Madrid Complutense University to present the values of a young, European citizenship that is open to the world, respects cultural diversity and is based on common values. It was particularly aimed at young Spaniards.

At the Paraninfo of the Madrid-based university, a location with a long tradition of hosting cultural events, a large marquee was installed, equipped with seating for 300 people and standing room for 1,200 people.

This marquee screened the short-listed films for the 2006-2007 Animation Festival “Animadrid”, showcased the graffiti and photographic work of various European artists and, in the evening, held the concerts of the following bands from various EC countries, covering all genres of popular music (rock, pop, hip-hop, jazz, root music)

  • Orquesta Chekara from Tetouan
  • Escola de Educación de Percusión Integral de Salvador de Bahía
  • Los Vengadores
  • Lantana
  • El Chojin
  • Zeno and the Stoics (Ireland – Spain)
  • Rash
  • Jaula de Grillos
  • Pitovnis

Radio and press campaign for the European Year.

Leaflet on all the activities explaining the key messages to be conveyed during the year.

Comprehensive promotion throughout the university complex (posters, flyers) as well as advertisements in university newspapers and on radio stations.

In addition to these activities, the following institutions were invited to take part in the event: Círculo de Bellas Artes, Casa Encendida, Casa de America.

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