Año Europeo
del Diálogo Intercultural 2008

www.2008culturas.com, in collaboration with the National Company for Cultural Commemorations

On 26 November 2007 a web page was set up as a tool to promote dialogue between the various cultures existing in Europe and the rest of the world. The portal provides access to information concerning intercultural dialogue, capable of drawing together different societies and fostering mutual comprehension and awareness through culture.

This meeting place, mainly orientated towards young people, invites users to participate in a photo, music, audio-visual and net-art competition and to make any comments they deem pertinent about the project and the works which have been requested and submitted from known artists and users in general. All work is related to intercultural dialogue.

The 2008CULTURAS project is structured into two parts:

  • A SHOWCASE comprised of 40 pieces, including photographs, audiovisuals (short films and/or video art), music and net-art which is hung on the website. The common theme of these works of art is intercultural dialogue and they have been selected by four independent curators in accordance with the following areas of reflection: FRONTIERS. A WALLED WORLD (geographical, political, economic and cultural frontiers; cultural exchange; ideology religion; cultural microcosms on frontiers; cultural diversity); DISPLACEMENT. IN SEARCH OF PARADISE (tourism-emigration; fleeing from poverty-fleeing from abundance; cultural pillage-cultural respect; ethnic and ethical-exotic and strange; global-local-glocal); LANGUAGES. ZEROS AND ONES (communication and non-communication: the languages; technological and manual; a world at two speeds; new languages; cultural fusion); CO-ORDINATES. SCENES OF CHANGE (the city; transformation of cities-transformation of the rural environment; environment and sustainable development; ghettos, neighbourhoods: multiculturality; centre and outskirts); MARKED. STAR AND STIGMA (cultural legacy and transmission: identity; privilege and alienation; in the media and invisible; domination and predomination; cross-cultural exchange-intolerance; us-them)
  • An INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION of photography, audio-visual art (cinema and video art), music and net-art which deals with these issues. The project will be rounded off with an award ceremony that will serve as a meeting point for participants.

The Spanish Ministry of Culture, through the National Public Company for Cultural Commemoration (Sociedad Estatal de Conmemoraciones Culturales, SECC), will act as sponsor but offers participation in this project to other Ministries of Culture world-wide as well as to any Centres of Contemporary Art that are interested.

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