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Cultural Cooperation and Promotion Abroad

Activities. Cultural Co-operation

The General Department of Cultural Co-operation and Communication works through a series of action lines that include:

  • International co-operation.
    Co-ordination, promotion and follow-up of the co-operation actions and programmes carried out with the international bodies in which Spain participates. The co-operation may be bilateral, multilateral or institutional.
  • Promotion and dissemination of Spanish culture:
    Activities and programmes supporting volunteerism and cultural tourism, and collaboration with non-profit entities and individuals, through aid and subsidies, for developing both national and international cultural activities.
  • Training for culture professionals:
    Awarding of grants and aid for improvement and specialisation activities related to the areas of responsibility of the Ministry of Culture.
  • Co-operation and communication with the Autonomous Communities:
    Stimulation and co-ordination between the Spanish Central Administration and the Autonomous Communities of cultural communication bodies, such as the Sectorial Conference of Culture and the St James Council, and participation in cultural projects to encourage co-operation between the different Autonomous Communities and strengthen the presence of the Ministry of Culture in different parts of the country.
  • Information and consultancy:
    Through participation in the European Commission's "Culture 2000" programme.

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