Formulario para BUSCAR dentro del Ministerio de Educacion,Cultura y Deporte

Cultural Cooperation and Promotion Abroad

Cultural Co-operation Management at the Ministry

The units responsible for cultural co-operation are:

Office of International Cultural Co-operation. Advises and participates in international culture-related forums, organises activities for the promotion of Spanish culture abroad, or the culture of other countries in Spain, and offers training in the field of culture to foreign professionals.

Office for Cultural Co-operation with the Autonomous Regions. Contributes to the promotion of cultural heritage in Spain, both at the level of the different Communities and internationally, co-ordinating actions and promoting activities carried out in the Autonomous Communities.

Office for the Promotion of Culture Industries and Foundations and Patronage. It is responsible for culture industries' promotion policies, cultural action and promotion policies and management of Ministerial responsibilities with respect to foundations.

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