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Grants for low interest financing for film production

General Details

General Details
Name of Procedure:Grants for low interest financing for film production
Object:Make financial resources available for film production.
Legislation:- Royal Decree 526/2002 of 14 June on measures to develop and promote the film industry and the co-production of films (Spanish Official State Gazette 28/06/2002).
- ORDER CUL/3928/2006 of 14 December on the rules for the application of Royal Decree 526/2002 of 14 June which regulates measures for the development and promotion of the film industry and the co-production of films, and which establishes the regulatory bases for these measures (Spanish Official State Gazette 26/12/2006).
Corresponding agreement.
- Corresponding announcement.
Beneficiaries:Private film production companies that are not the beneficiaries of ICAA aid for the film which is the object of the loan and that are registered in Section One of the ICAA Companies Register.
Initiation method:Upon request from the interested party.
Application deadline:Established in each announcement.
Application location:At collaborating financial institutions under the Common Administrative Procedure. Applications must bear the official stamp of the financial institution and the date of presentation.
Ruling body:Director General of the Film and Audiovisual Arts Institute.
Decision deadline:1 month (from the date of receipt of the loan).
Appeals:Judicial reviews and appeals for reversal.
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Documentation to present

  • Official application form.
  • Project report.
  • Budget.
  • Finance plan (investments - source of funds and monthly cash flow) and plan for the repayment of expenses.
  • Work plan.
  • Accreditation of possession of the corresponding intellectual property rights for the script and, if appropriate, for an option on the pre-existing work (contract or document of release to the producer and registration of the intellectual property rights of the script).
  • Statement that the project fulfils all the requirements established by current legislation to be considered as a Spanish film.
  • Certificates that accredit that the applicant is up to date with its tax and social security obligations, issued by the respective entities, as well as the latest receipt for the business activities tax (Impuesto de Actividades Económicas) or statement of exemption. These certificates can be obtained in accordance with Royal Decree 209/2003 of 21 February.
  • Activity carried out by the company in recent years.
  • The decision approving the co-production in the cases of Hispanic-foreign co-productions for projects involving feature films.
  • Express statement that the applicant is not involved in any of the situations stipulated in Article 13.2 of Law 38/2003 of 17 November, General Law of Subsidies.

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