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Procedures and formalities with the State Secretariat for Culture

Aid for projects involving the production of feature films

General information

General information
Name of Procedure:Aid for projects involving the production of feature films
Aim:To promote film production.
Regulations:- LAW 55/2007 (LEY 55/2007), of 28 December, on Cinema (Spanish State Gazette (BOE) 29-12-2007).
- ROYAL DECREE 2062/2008 (REAL DECRETO 2062/2008) of 12 December, implementing Law 55/2007 (Ley 55/2007), of 28 December, on Cinema (Spanish State Gazette (BOE) 12/01/2009).
- ORDER CUL/2834/2009, of 19 October, indicating the rulings for application of Royal Decree 2062/2008 (Real Decreto 2062/2008), of 12 December, implementing Law 55/2007 (Ley 55/2007), of 28 December, on Cinema, regarding recognition of the cost of a film and the investment of the producer, establishing the regulatory basis for state aid and the structure of the Administrative register of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Companies (Spanish State Gazette (BOE) 24/10/2009).
-Order CUL/1772/2011, de 21 de junio. . (BOE 28/06/2011)
-Corresponding call.
Beneficiaries:Production companies which should be registered as such in the First Section of the Film Company Register, of an independent nature, as set out in article 4 n) of Law 55/2007 (Ley 55/2007), of 28 December.
How to begin:Application by the interested party.
Starting deadline:As set by each call.
Place of presentation:In the Electronic register of the State Secretariat for Culture
In the General register of the State Secretariat for Culture or those indicated in Art.38.4 of Law 30/92 (Ley 30/92), of 26 November, on the Legal System of Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedure. The applications should include the official presentation stamp, indicating the date.
Ruling body:Director-General of the Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales (ICAA) (Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts) .
Time for ruling:4 months from the day after the close of the call.
Appeals:Contentious-Administrative and Review.
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Documentation to present

  • Official application form.
  • Report signed by the production company, scriptwriter and director of the project.
  • Contract unambiguously proving the granting to the producer of rights to the script, the amount of the payment corresponding to the author or authors of the script, and if applicable, the granting of the rights of option to the existing work.
  • Budget for the film on an official form.
  • Documentation proving the funding plan.
  • In the case of not being a tax resident in Spain, certificate of tax residence issued by the relevant authorities in the country of residence.
  • Certificate proving taxes and social security are paid up to date, if not authorising the ICAA to process the obtaining of this.
  • Script of the film.
  • Synopsis.
  • Summary page of the official budget form.
  • Documento público declarativo de que se halla al corriente en el pago de las obligaciones contraídas con el personal creativo, artístico y técnico, así como con las industrias técnicas, en la película anterior de esta misma productora, de acuerdo con lo establecido en el artículo 15.2 de la Orden CUL/2834/2009 de 19 de octubre.

Instructions and forms

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