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The Graphic Archive of the Spanish Film Library is made up of a wide range of graphic and photographic documents generated by Spanish and International film productions: photos, slides, photochromes, programmes, billboards, posters and more. A large part of these documents come from the advertising campaigns that go hand in hand with the release and commercial distribution of a film, but there are also objects of a different nature, such as festival programmes, awards, shows, etc.

The Graphic Archive collection is one of the richest collections of the Film Library, and the pieces that make it up constitute an essential element to get to know the history of cinema and the evolution of the film industry. It includes, amongst others:

  • 500,000 photos.
  • 30,000 negatives.
  • 10,000 slides.
  • 40,000 posters.
  • 25,000 billboards.
  • 6,000 programmes.
  • 10,000 photochromes.
  • 75,000 guides.

Also, there is a large quantity of special pieces, including glass plates (positive and negative), in-theatre advertising material, films, postcards, albums, transparencies, etc.

The photo library deserves a special mention, with over half a million photos, most of them in black and white, and in various formats: they represent an invaluable source of information about films, actors, directors, shootings, techniques and other complementary aspects of the film industry. The collection of photos is of such artistic and informative importance that its consultation has become one of the most sought after services.


The Graphic Archive is equipped with a laboratory to offer black and white copies of its pieces to the public upon request and at the rates established in the Official Spanish Gazette (BOE) of 24 January 1995.

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Monday to Friday From 9:30 to 14:00

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