Logo de la Filmoteca Española

Spanish Film Archive


  • Retrieving, preserving, restoring, documenting and cataloguing the film heritage, as well as any other element linked to the world of film.
  • The safeguard and custody of film and audio-visual archives on all supports, and more generally of its collection of films, those belonging to the Library as well as those in Legal Deposit, in voluntary deposit, those donated, inherited or bequeathed.
  • Promoting the film heritage, through the organisation of cycles and sessions or any form of cinematographic event, with no lucrative aim, as well as publishing on any support, and any appropriate activity for promoting the art of cinema.
  • Carrying out and encouraging research and studies, with special attention paid to the history of Spanish Cinema.
  • Co-operating with the different film archives existing in the different regions of Spain, as well as with those belonging to the International Film Archives Federation (FIAF).
  • Offering professional training in the different techniques for the documentation, conservation and restoration of the film heritage.

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