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Film and Audio-visual Arts

Activities. Film and Audiovisuals

The Film and Audio-visual Arts Institute (ICAA) fulfils its mission through a series of lines of action that include:

  • Supporting, promoting and organising Spanish film and audio-visual activities in its three areas of production, distribution and screening.
    Classification of films for public screening, distribution and marketing of audio-visual work, tracking commercial use in cinemas, preparing statistics and collecting documentation that provides insight into the relevant sectors.
  • Promotion of Spanish films abroad:
    Through the popularisation of Spanish films, nationally and internationally, promoting their participation in festivals and other film events, and representing Spain in the most important international bodies and forums in the area of film and audiovisuals.
  • Recovery, restoration, conservation and promotion of film heritage:
    Through the collection, analysis and cataloguing of film collections and other film documents; publicising these collections through the organisation of series, screenings or any other film events and carrying out and promoting research and studies, with particular emphasis placed on Spanish films.
  • National and international co-operation:
    Through relations with international bodies and institutions with similar aims and co-operation with the entities in the Autonomous Communities with film-related responsibilities.

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