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Film and Audio-visual Arts

Conceptos básicos de la industria cinematográfica y audiovisual

Company register

The Film Company Register contains the companies that work in the film sector in its various specialities. The administrative procedure for registration is explained.

International co-productions

The characteristics of international co-productions, participation percentages, Spanish film classification and access to grants and subsidies. Requirements and administrative procedures to apply for approval.

Spanish nationality film certificate

The Spanish nationality film certificate is granted once fulfilment of certain requirements and characteristics have been verified, such as that there is a minimum level of European or Spanish creative, technical, artistic and support service input.

Cost of films

The cost of a film is the sum of the expenses required for its production. The producer's investment in a film is the cost minus the public grants and subsidies, or the participation of television channels as co-producers.

Definition of a film

Definition of films and the characteristics of feature and short films.

Film and video ratings

It determines the ratings by age group of the target audience. The rating, which must be displayed visibly at cinemas and on poster displays for the film, is merely a guidance except in X-rated films, where under-18s are not allowed.

Film showings

All spectators that enter a cinema must get a ticket.
Cinemas must state their programme schedule, their box office takings and the spectators attending each showing.

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