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State Secretariat for Culture RSS feeds

The RSS feed system allows for information from the general or online web pages of the State Secretariat for Culture to be received each time they are updated without the need to access the website.

With this technology the State Secretariat for Culture offers citizens an efficient and simple tool to stay up-to-date with the web contents that change more frequently.

To subscribe to the RSS feeds you wish to, click on the feed's link if your browser is compatible (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, Safari, etc.) or on the icon of one of the free services available on internet (Bloglines, Google...) for which you will need to have registered for the service.

  • Xml
  • Bloglines
  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • Windows Live
  • Netvibes

You can also choose a specific program to connect to feeds from your PC. To do so you must download and install one of the following programs and follow the instructions to subscribe to the feeds that interest you.

Programmes for Mac:

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