Bibliographic records
for Spanish Public Libraries

Structure of analytical records in REBECA

The records of analyses held by Rebeca are in the Ibermarc format, like all of Rebeca's records.

Among other information, each record includes:

  • Type of record (textual material), with the code «a» in position 06 of the heading or «leader».
  • Bibliographical level (monographic component part), with the code «a» in position 07 of the heading or «leader».
  • Year of publication of the article, in positions 07-10 of the field 008.
  • Main headlines, field 100 if the author is a person.
  • Title of the article and responsibility mention, in field 245.
  • Details of the journal in which the article was published, in field 773:
    • Journal title.
    • ISSN.
    • Colophon.
    • Number and specific pages on which it appeared.
  • Subject or subjects of the article, in fields 600, 610, 611, 630, 650 or 651.
  • CDU, in field 080.


Indicators are not

Consultation of the analyses records
LDR 0073900734naa 2200181 b 45
008 980312s1998 esp spa
080 #a 860-91
100 #a Rodríguez Pastor, Juan
245 #a A few notes on chapbook pages in Extremadura
#c Juan Rodríguez Pastor, Manuel Fernández González and Alicia García Contreras
504 #a Bibliography
650 #a Chapbook pages
#z Extremadura
700 #a Fernández González, Manuel
700 #a García Contreras, Alicia
773 #t In: Revista de Folklore
#x ISSN 0211-1810
#d Valladolid: Obra social y Cultural de Caja España
#g T. 18/1, n. 205 (1998), p. 3-12

LDR 0055100546naa 2200169 b 45
008 971010s1997 esp spa
080 #a 548.5
080 #a 621.357
100 #a González-Tejera, M.ª J
245 #a Atom-by-atom crystallisation
#c M.ª J. González-Tejera
650 #a Crystallisation
650 #a Electrolysis
773 #t In: Investigación y ciencia
#x ISSN 0210-136X
#d Barcelona: Prensa científica
#g N. 213 (June 1997), pgs. 81-82

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