Bibliographic records
for Spanish Public Libraries

What is REBECA?

REBECA is a database that contains bibliographic records in Ibermarc format. It is designed as a source of resources for automated cataloguing aimed primarily at public libraries.

The Ministry of Culture and the Autonomous Communities make REBECA available to Spanish libraries with two main objectives:

  • To enable them to reduce the amount of time dedicated to cataloguing.
  • To facilitate the standardised maintenance of their catalogues. 

The records may be extracted free of charge to be included in the libraries' automated catalogues, as long as they work in Ibermarc.

The REBECA database is updated daily through the co-operation of the Ministry of Culture and the Autonomous Communities. It is an experience in joint cataloguing in which 19 National Public Libraries, 8 Autonomous Community Central Libraries and two Autonomous Community Public Library Networks participate.

The project's central technical team, which reports to the Office of Library Co-ordination, is responsible for:

  • Refining the database.
  • Standardising it.
  • Integrating it into REBECA.

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