Bibliographic records
for Spanish Public Libraries

Extracting registers from REBECA

REBECA enables records to be downloaded in Ibermarc format for subsequent integration into computerised catalogues that allow said operation.

Downloads are done based on the results of a database search.

There are three ways of accessing the REBECA database:

  • Through the REBECA website: Go to the REBECA query
    No password or additional software required.

  • Through the "REBECA Z39.50 Server"
    Access requires an internet connection and the Z39.50 client program.
    Data required to access the server:
    • Server name:
    • Port: 210
    • Database: absysrebeca.
    • Log in as a user
    For more information on the Z39.50 protocol, see:
  • Through the REBECA CD-ROM
    "CD-Rom" for Windows. The eighth update is currently available (July 2006).

Requesting access to the Rebeca Z39.50 server and ordering the CD-ROM

  • You must process your request by the following means:
  •  Indicate the complete details of the Institution making the request: Official name of the Centre, postal address, telephone, fax, e-mail and contact person, as well as the library management system used.

    This Office will respond as soon as possible with the access password or CD-ROM delivery.

Download format

  • The record or records extracted from Rebeca through this procedure are in Ibermarc format, in accordance with the ISO 2709 standard, which is the exact same format used to download records from the "Spanish Bibliography" CD-ROM produced by the National Library, with the same character set, based on the ISO 5426 standard.


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