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On 11, 12 and 13 March 2008, on the occasion of the 12th Library Cooperation Conferences between the Ministry of Culture and the Autonomous Communities, held in Jaca and jointly organised by the Jaca City Council, the Aragon Regional Government and the Ministry itself, the organs of the Council on Library Cooperation were constituted and its activity launched.


Royal Decree 1573/2007, of 30 November, by virtue of which the Regulations of the Council on Library Cooperation were approved (Official State Gazette of 1 January 2008); this regulation implements Law 10/2007, of 22 June, on reading, books and libraries, and has been agreed on by all public administrations in charge of or with competencies for libraries.


The regulations bestow upon the Library Cooperation Council the following functions, among others:

  • Promote the integration of public library systems in the Spanish Library System.
  • Prepare specific plans to foster and promote the development and improvement of library conditions and services.
  • Promote and foster exchange and professional training in the library sphere.
  • Inform prescriptively of the legal provisions and regulations affecting Spanish libraries as a whole.
  • Propose the launch of projects.
  • Preparation, study and implementation of all manner of library-related actions commissioned by the Sectorial Conferences of Culture and Education and the Conference of Spanish University Vice-chancellors.


In compliance with the regulations, there are four Council on Library Cooperation organs:

  • The Plenary session
  • The Permanent Committee
  • The technical cooperation committees (CTCs) :
    • The CTC of national and regional libraries
    • The CTC of public libraries
    • The CTC of school libraries, which will be the organ created for such purpose within the framework of the Sectorial Education Conference
    • The CTC of university libraries, REBIUN
    • The CTC of specialist libraries
  • Working groups.

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