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Plenary Session of the Library Cooperation Council


The plenary session is attended by representatives from all participating public administrations Plenary session of the Library Cooperation Council with responsibilities for libraries as well as private entities of particular importance in this field.

The plenary session analyses all matters relating to libraries for which cooperation is required. Furthermore, if these matters are of special importance they are transferred to the Sectorial Conference of Culture.

These matters have all previously been examined by the Council's technical bodies (The Permanent Committee, the Technical Cooperation Committees and the Working Groups).


(Royal Decree 1573/2007 of 30 November, approving the Regulation of the Library Cooperation Council, Article 2)

1. The Library Cooperation Council shall comprise a chairperson, deputy chair, members and a secretary.

2. The chairperson of the Council shall be the Under Secretary for Culture.

3. The deputy chair will be one of the members appointed to represent the autonomous communities, pursuant to Article 7 of these regulations.

4 Council members will include:

a) Representing the Central Administration:

1. The Director General of Books, Archives and Libraries, from the Ministry of Culture.
2. The Director General of the National Library.
3. A representative of the Ministry of Education and Science, with a position of Director General .
4. A representative of the Universities Council.

b) Representing autonomous communities: one representative appointed by each of the autonomous communities and the cities of Ceuta and Melilla.

c) Representing local government: three members appointed by the association of local authorities with the greatest national presence.

d) The President of the Network of University Libraries (REBIUN).

e) The chairperson of each of the Council's technical cooperation committees.

f) One member proposed by the most representative library sector professional associations nation-wide, representing the professional sectors involved.

The members outlined in paragraphs b), c) and f) of this section will be appointed by the Chair of the Council.

5. The secretary will be the Deputy Director General for Library Coordination from the Ministry of Culture, who will have no voting rights.

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