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Working groups. Conservation of the Bibliographical Heritage

Working Groups for the Conservation of the Bibliographical Heritage

Mixed working group reporting to all the Technical Cooperation Committees

General information

Coordinator: Javier Tacón Clavaín, Head of the Department for the Conservation and Restoration of the Historic Library of the Complutense University of Madrid, Marqués de Valdecilla.

Despite the work carried out by the IFLA Preservation and Conservation Committee since 1984, much still needs to be done in the area of preservation in Spanish libraries: millions of books and documents run the risk of disappearing as paper is a material that self-destructs; there are also bad practices and poor environmental conditions. Coordinated guidelines are therefore needed.

This working group, made up of representatives from a wide range of institutions, aims to provide a response to the lack of resources and aims to develop the conditions that will lead to the standardisation of conservation activities. It also seeks to serve as a source of technical support for all those concerned with this matter.

Strategic objectives

  • To raise awareness of the importance of preservation activities in order to guarantee permanence and access to the information.
  • To analyse the situation and assess preservation needs in Spanish National libraries.
  • To promote good use of the Spanish bibliographical heritage.
  • To promote the development of a national preservation plan.
  • To disseminate information related to the preservation of bibliographical and documentary material.

Lines of action

  • Study the situation of preservation activities in different libraries. Carry out a general needs analysis.
  • Study the most recurrent conservation-related problems in libraries.
  • Produce recommendations and procedures manuals related to preservation, starting with those relating to the needs detected.
  • Produce a directory of suppliers and professional resources.
  • Publicise other reference sources for preservation-related issues.

Objectives 2009-2010

  • Design and launch a survey for libraries regarding preservation.
  • Produce a report on the survey results.

Annual reports:

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