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e-Book Working Group

Mixed working group reporting to all the Technical Cooperation Committees

General information

Coordinator: Francisca Pulgar Vernalte. Cultural Heritage department. Basque Government.


Strategic objectives:

  • Set guidelines for lending e-readers in libraries
  • Compile the experiences of different institutions and libraries in Spain and abroad
  • Create a database with links to bibliographical resources related to e-books
  • Gather urls of out-of-copyright books in digital formats
  • Make progress in the design and implementation of a platform enabling the uploading of digital resources (books, MP3s, audiovisual files, etc.)
  • Make progress in the design and implementation of a platform for lending documents in digital formats now in libraries

Lines of action

  • Compile resources relating to the loan of e-readers and making this material available for any interested libraries and institutions.
  • Preparing evaluation questionnaires on loans, users, satisfaction, etc.
    relating to loans and dissemination of these electronic devices.
  • Preparing evaluation questionnaires on content quality: translations, critical editions of the texts, etc.
  • Resolving the queries arising from the cataloguing process, both of the devices and of the free content they carry.
  • Guidelines for evaluating content.
  • Evaluation of impact and means of promotion and dissemination of this new service.

Annual reports:

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