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Work Group on Spanish Library Information Systems

Work Group on Spanish Library Information Systems

Mixed work group affiliated with all Technical Co-operation Committees

General data

Co-ordinator: Lucila Uriarte Pérez, General Department of Books, Archives and Libraries. Ministry of Culture. Spain


Regarding the gathering and use of data:

  • Gathering data from all types of libraries.
  • The Autonomous Communities are responsible for the questionnaires of the libraries in their system and the libraries which are not part of it.
  • Set minimum entry levels for each questionnaire.
  • Continue working on the procedures manual recording in detail the aid given, the definition of the different indicators and those which are incorporated over time.
  • Continue selecting performance indicators to be incorporated in the publication of public library statistics and their use for a national and international evaluation of Spanish public libraries.
  • Drawing up evaluation guidelines to stimulate analysis and evaluation of public library services and for use by libraries as a library planning and control tool.
  • It is recommended that the Autonomous Communities help libraries during the data gathering period, and it is suggested that it would be desirable to provide training seminars for librarians.

Regarding the standardisation and maintenance of an information system for gathering, using and analysing statistical data about Spanish libraries:

  • Carry out continuous monitoring and evaluation of the information system, in order to improve its functioning, prepare it for the changes which arise in working procedures and to enable it to record every moment and situation in library services.
  • Instigate and encourage among Autonomous Communities the provision of tools and facilities for data gathering, analysis and evaluation.

Annual Reports:

Results and working documents

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