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Access is free. Patrons that wish to use the library will be issued a card which can be obtained by submitting a valid ID card or proof of identification.

Document Review in the Reading Room

Direct access to reference documentation and magazine (latest editions) collections is free. However, these materials can not be loaned to patrons. A request form to access monographs and leaflet collections should be filled in with the desired document information and handed to a member of the library staff. The staff member will then lend it for review in the reading room (or personal loan, if available).

Personal Loans

Patrons can request personal loans of monographs for a maximum of fifteen days, renewable only once for the same period of time. Overdue returns entail two days without access to loans per each day of delay and book not returned. However, reference works, works prior to 1958, serial periodicals, leaflets, non-library material, reports and research works not published are not available on loan.

Monographs available for loan can be requested by completing a form and handing it to a member of the library staff, who in turn will deliver these to the patron and register the loan in the management system.

Loan renewals can be requested before their expiry date via telephone (91 883 6165) or e-mail (biblioteca.cida@mecd.es)

Reprography Service

The Centre offers a reproduction service for documents in photographic, microfilm, soft and digital formats at rates provided by legislation and regulations in force.


Reproduction works aimed at research or regarding citizens rights and duties should be requested either personally, through the forms available in the Centre or via e-mail. The reproduction of these works will be subject to the condition of said documentation

See Current Rates


Reproduction requests for other purposes are subject to the requirements of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and, if applicable, to the signing of the corresponding agreement pursuant to Section 5 of Order dated April 25, 2011 on the public prices of certain services offered by the central bodies of the Ministry of Culture (Spanish Official Gazette dated April 29, 2011).

Reproductions of complete documentary series entail the express authorization of the Dirección General de Bellas Artes y Bienes Culturales y de Archivos y Bibliotecas.

Documentary Search Services

CIDA offers a documentary search orientation service accessible via e-mail, post or in person.

Other Services

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