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Disappeared people from the land army of the Spanish Republic (1936-1939)


The database contains the names of persons who, having fought in the Republican Army during the Spanish Civil War, were entitled to receive a pension for reasons of death, being missing in action or disability. In addition to the name, the profession or professions declared together with the location details of the document from which the information was extracted and the complementary documentation, are included. If you wish to have a copy

of the document, you may use the form that appears in the last column of the answer to each query.


  • Reason for pension entitlement: death, missing or disability
  • Name of the person entitled
  • Profession of person entitled
  • Catalogue number of document from which information was extracted


The database of missing, dead and disabled persons created by the General Archive of the Spanish Civil War has used information from the documents of the Secondary Paymaster's Office of the Land Army, a republican body responsible for the payment of extraordinary pensions for reasons of death, disappearance or disability.

In the exercise of its functions the Paymaster's Office created several documentary series that contain the process for applying for, acknowledging and paying monetary entitlements to applicants or relatives, in case of death; these are the records of pension awards, synthetic testimonies and applicants' index cards. The latter, prepared by the Statistics Section for the purpose indicated by the name, contain the main details of each person, among them, their personal and military particulars, the date and place of death, disappearance or surrender, and the particulars of the family of the applicant. That is why this series was selected, to extract the data enabling this documentation to be used rapidly and efficiently in order to identify persons and to use this information in background research in order to justify the pension payments and compensation stipulated by current legislation.

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