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Database of high-ranking republican military officers

Military and members of law enforcement forces who served the Republic (1936-1939)

The database contains the names of those persons who served the Republic as members of the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Forces or Corps of Carabineers during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and whose appointments were published in the following official publications during the war years:

  • Gazette of the Republic
  • Official Journal of the Ministry for Defence
  • Official Journal of the Government of Catalonia
  • Official Journal of the Institute of Carabineers
  • Official Journal of the Ministry for Sea and Air

Only those staff members who obtained a military position or rank in the armed forces equal to or above that of non-commissioned officer during the period between 18 July 1936 and 1 April 1939 are listed, as well as those who joined the Law Enforcement Forces or Corps of Carabineers.

The following information can be obtained from the database:

  • Surnames and name
  • Year of appointment
  • Publication in which the appointment was published together with the number and page

The database does NOT stipulate the military position or rank obtained. This information can be obtained from the corresponding publication or by writing to the General Archive of the Spanish Civil War and by requesting a copy of the same by filling out the form displayed in the last column in the response to each query you make.


This database was elaborated in response to the publication of Law 37/984, of 22 October, which recognises the rights and services of those who during the Civil War formed part of the Armed Forces, the Law Enforcement Forces or Corps of Carabineers of the Republic (Official State Journal number 262, of 1 November, p. 31689). It was the result of an agreement reached between the Ministry for Culture and the Ministry for the Treasury and since then has been used to obtain records of the cause of the rights established by the Law.

Today, although it continues to be a valid tool with regard to the original objective, it is at the disposal of anyone interested in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) for administrative or research purposes.

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