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Historical Memory
Documentary Centre

Activities at the Historical Memory Documentary Centre

All the cultural promotion activities offered are FREE OF CHARGE.


Exhibition opening times:
Every day: 12:00 to 20:00 (except non-holiday Mondays).

  • Permanent exhibition about the Civil War
    The Historical Memory Documentary Centre maintains a continuously open exhibition on the subject of the Spanish Civil War, its forerunners and its consequences. It displays more than a hundred documents and objects relating to the main aspects of the conflict (the political ideas of the different sides, the battle front, the rearguard, everyday life, foreign intervention, population movements, repression and exile). There is a GUIDE to the exhibition for use by visitors.
  • Permanent exhibition on the Masons
    Displays more than a hundred pieces from the Centre's holdings of Masonic documents, books and iconography (documents, books and leaflets, posters and prints, photographs, jewellery and medallions, swords and hammers, bands, aprons and collars, seals and stamps, maps, etc.). There is a GUIDE to the exhibition for use by visitors.
  • Masonic Lodge
    A room displaying furniture and all kinds of original objects seized from the Masons during the Civil War. It was created by the Franco regime to be opened to the public as an anti-Masonic museum. The visit includes a 10 minute audio recording explaining Masonic beliefs and symbols and explaining the significance of what is on display.

Screening of audiovisuals

  • Audiovisual about the Historical Memory Documentary Centre
    10 minute DVD on the history and contents of the Centre, the origin of its documents and the use made of them by Francoism to its own ends. Collection of images from the Fichero General, consisting of almost three million files with the names of people considered enemies of the Franco regime (Republicans, Masons, Communists, etc.).
  • Audiovisual on Freemasonry
    10 minute DVD featuring general information on Freemasonry (concept, origin, aims, philosophical principles and symbols). It can be used as an introduction to the Centre's reconstructed Lodge, which can be visited afterwards.

Guided tours of the Historical Memory Documentary Centre

  • Contents: Designed to introduce the history of the Centre, its documentary holdings and the services it provides. Featuring the screening of a film and an informative tour of some of the rooms, including the Fichero General , an archive deposit and the recreation of the Masonic Lodge.
  • Duration: Approximately 90 minutes
  • Dates: mornings on working days all year round. The tour includes one group of 25 people per day.
  • Requirements: to form a group of 20 to 25 people and confirm the visit with the department manager (pilar.larumbe@mcu.es), Tel: 923 21 28 45 and 923 21 25 35; or fill in and send an application by fax to: 923 26 47 30

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