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Historical Archive of the Province of

History of the Historical Archive of the Province of Álava

The Historical Archive of the Province of Álava was created by the Decree of 12 November 1931, regulating the regime and denomination of the Historical Records Archives and Provincial Historical Archives (14 November 1931), to conserve and disseminate Notary Public records over one hundred years old. Its first Governing Committee was set up on 3 March 1932. It held the documentary resources of the Historical Records Archive of Vitoria, created in 1869 (Decree dated 8 January 1869 on the Creation of Records Archives at the seats of the judicial districts). Hence, in 1932, the Archive was established in the former Ramiro de Maeztu secondary school. Institutional ups and downs led to the abandonment of these installations at the end of 1933, depositing the records indiscriminately in piles on the floor and in the garage of the Court for Child Protection in Vitoria. By Order of the Director General for Archives and Libraries, dated 24 September 1941, after years of overcrowding, the archivist of the Special Delegation of the Exchequer, Antonio Mañueco Francos, was commissioned to form the Historical Archive of the Province of Álava. In the summer of 1942, the Notary Public records were once again deposited at the facilities that the Archive had previously held at the secondary school. On 28 July 1947, a new Archive Governing Committee was formed, presided by the President of the Provincial Government of Álava (Order notified by the Director General for Archives and Libraries on 28 July 1947), which was in force until it was transferred to the Casa de Cultura in Vitoria in 1977. On 1 July 2004, it was installed at its current site in the university district of Vitoria, between the Students' Residence Hall and the Business Studies Faculty.

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