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Historical Archive of the Province of

The Building of the Historical Archive of the Province of Álava

The ups and downs of the Archive have led it be housed at four sites throughout its history. The first, which began with the General Notaries Public Act of 1869, established the Archive at the Vitoria-Gasteiz secondary school, sharing installations with the doomed Literary University and other academic and cultural institutions of the 19th century. Between 1933 and 1942, it shared premises with the Court for Child Protection in Vitoria, returning in 1942 to the old school in La Florida Park, a school which in 1978 became the seat of the Basque Parliament. Between 1977 and 2004, the Archive continued in the same park, but in the Casa de Cultura, an emblematic building for the Province of Álava, today known as "Ignacio Aldecoa". The Archive, like any institution that lives in line with the times, required new spaces, services and technologies that could only be provided by the construction of a building expressly built for this purpose. This is its current site on Paseo de la Zumaquera. The new building, which sits on the grounds of the University of the Basque Country, in the city of Vitoria, was designed by the Francisco Ceña and Francisco de Gracia architects' studio and the engineer Luís Casas. The works were undertaken by the company Construcciones Paraño S. A., co-ordinated by the building surveyor Alberto Fernández Rodríguez, under the supervision of the architect of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, José María Rosendo.

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