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General Archive
of Simancas

Board of Trustees of the Archivo General de Simancas (General Archive of Simancas)

A state-owned and managed organisation, it looks after an exceptional documentary archive for studying Spanish history from the late 16th century to the 19th century, as it includes documentation produced by the governing bodies of the Hispanic monarchy from the time of the Catholic Monarchs to the start of the Liberal Regime. The board was created by Royal Decree 1517/2009, of 2 October 2009. It is composed of a Full Board of Trustees and a Permanent Committee.


Corresponding to the Board of Trustees:

  • Monitor the execution of plans and programmes and to hold activities which require institutional support from the Archivo General de Simancas.
  • Have knowledge of and provide information on plans and programmes for acquisitions, preservation and conservation of the documentary collection.
  • Provide information on the annual report of activities produced by the Director of the Archivo General de Simancas and the draft budget to be submitted to the General Department of Fine Arts and Cultural Goods and Archives and Libraries.
  • Foster and promote society's participation in the enrichment, preservation, conservation and diffusion of the Archivo General de Simancas and formulate the corresponding proposals.
  • Issue the mandatory report on any proposal for the permanent transfer of archive collections.
  • Evaluate forms and manage the acquisition of extra resources from public and private institutions as appropriate.
  • Entrust its members to undertake special missions and tasks.
  • Promote compliance with the general guidelines established for the archive by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
  • Promote technical and historical relations and exchanges with other archives in Spain and abroad.

Corresponding to the Permanent Committee:

  • Study, deliberate and provide information on proposals which are subject to the approval of the Full Board of Trustees.
  • Develop, ensure compliance with and execute agreements adopted by the Board of Trustees.
  • Assume any other functions entrusted to it by the Full Board of Trustees.
  • Before the Full Board of Trustees, account for agreements adopted in the exercise of the above-mentioned functions.

Composition of the Board of Trustees

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