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Imago Hispaniae

With Imago Hispaniae, the General Archive of Simancas offers a journey through the Spain of the Modern Age (16th to 18th centuries) through some pieces from its collection of Maps, Plans and Drawings. On a monthly basis, users will be offered the most relevant documents of this collection, organised by Autonomous Communities, in alphabetical order.

The organisation of the document collections of the General Archive of Simancas basically reproduces the framework of the central government institutions of the Spanish monarchy from the 16th to the 18th centuries. Control of information has always been a basic tool in the fight for power, and one of its keys is the representation of space through documents. Therefore, in this collection there is a predominance of graphic representations of territories, military constructions, foundries, ironworks and factories, as well as all type of machines and innovations.

The complete collection of maps, plans and drawings can be found at:

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