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Catalogue of Spanish Monuments in Google Earth

The Patronato Nacional de Turismo (National Tourism Council) was created in 1928, as a successor to the Comisión Nacional de Turismo (National Tourism Commission) (1905-1911) and the Regia Comisaría de Turismo (Royal Tourism Commission) (1911-1928). Its purpose was to draft and publish travel itineraries and guides in several languages for elite foreign tourists, to facilitate tourism and obtain foreign currency, and to conserve Spain's artistic, monumental and picturesque heritage. In addition to these functions, defined by previous organisations, it was also charged with studying the means of implementing Tourism Schools to train staff, set up information centres abroad and tourism centres in Spain, to act in collaboration with all the organisations aimed at promoting tourism.

The Patronato Nacional de Turismo Series features a large amount of photographs and other graphic documents: activity information posters, information leaflets, etc. The collection comprises a total of 344 boxes with 80,975 photographs, 49 folders of photographic indices and 7 albums.

The oldest fragment in the series, the Catálogo Monumental de España (Catalogue of Spanish Monuments), was created between 1928, when the Council was founded, and 1936, when promotion of tourism was suspended due to the outbreak of the Civil War. This catalogue is made up of 3,861 photographs of different places and subjects, though always tourism related.

The geographical characteristics of the Catalogue of Spanish Monuments makes it an ideal series to represent via Google Earth, allowing the user to make quick, intuitive and visually attractive searches.

To see the images of the Catalogue of Spanish Monuments you must have  Google Earth installed. To download click here.

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