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Ongoing projects at the Archive of the Royal Chancery of Valladolid

Description of the documentation of the Royal Chancery Stamp Register

The register's documentation constitutes one of the most important documentary collections of the Archive, as much for its content (its documents contain valuable information on the lawsuits processed by all the civil courts, many of which have disappeared) as for the long time period represented, for it spans from the 15th century to the year 1834. For this reason, it has been the constant focus of description in the Archive, which has led to the existence of a database that currently has more than one hundred and eighty thousand entries.

The register's description process is currently centred on two areas: description of the documentation corresponding to the period 1557 to 1599 and revision of the descriptions of the documentation corresponding to the period 1600 to 1621.

Identification of the books from the civil courts

The work consists of identifying and describing the 652 books produced by the civil courts via the individual description of each and the establishment of the series of documents to which they correspond.

The objective of this work is to deepen our knowledge of the Royal Chancery in general and of the operations of the civil courts in particular. Furthermore, it also aims to balance the descriptive policy of the centre, which until now has been based almost exclusively on the description of the lawsuits at the expense of the documentation relating to the internal operations of the institution and the lawsuit proceedings.

Description of the criminal lawsuits

The documentation generated by the two criminal courts was the object of a mass purge towards the middle of the 19th century, responsible not only for the complete disappearance of most of it, but also the disorder of the documentation that was conserved. For this reason, the Archive seeks to complete the description of the documentation in its collection and put it at the disposal of the public via the Spanish Archives Portal (PARES).

Reproduction of the documentation of the Regional Court of Political Responsibilities of Valladolid and the Provincial Probation Surveillance Board of Valladolid

Upon completion of the identification, valuation and description of the documentation produced by both institutions, the archive will then look to its reproduction, both to ensure the preservation of its information (at risk due to the poor quality of the paper and inks used for the documents in question) and to enable its dissemination.

Identification and description of the register books of the Valladolid Territorial Court

Identification and description of Valladolid Territorial Court's register books by means of establishing series of documents, made up of the individual descriptions of related register books in accordance with that set out in the ISAD (G) standard).

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