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Archive of the Royal
Chancery of Valladolid

Introduction to the documentary resources of the Archive of the Royal Chancery of Valladolid

The Archive of the Royal Chancery of Valladolid conserves documentation generated by the Royal Tribunal and Chancery of Valladolid (1371-1834), the highest judicial authority within the Crown of Castille during the Old Regime for the territories north of the River Tajo, without compromising the authority of the Council of Castilla's Court of Justice.

It also preserves collections produced by the Territorial Tribunal of Valladolid (1834-1988), the court that took over from the Chancery after its suppression, and by other judicial bodies still in existence, such as the Provincial Tribunal of Valladolid, the Social Division of Supreme Court of Justice of the Kingdoms of Castilla & Leon and the Social Courts of Valladolid, which continue to send their collections to the Archives.

Also deposited in the Archive are the collections of other bodies with a judicial function, such as the War Courts of Valladolid (18th Cent.).

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