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blanco y negro

The different uses of photography

Photography, like other graphic testimonies, can be used for a variety of purposes. The following are some of the most common uses.
The photograph by VIVERO, C. 212, D. 4. shows how these small picture frames were used like the old cameos, carried regularly in a bag or on the clothes.

Testimonial photography. Portrait of the photographer Ferdinand Wetzinger while take a picture of a group of workers who are finishing building the fire brigade headquarters in Graz (Austria) [Circa 1893]. Photographer: [Ferdinand Wetzinger]. SORELA Y MAURI, CP. 364, D. 6

Commercial photography. Photographic catalogue of carriages belonging to the Hungarian company Brüder Kölber. [1886-1899]. FERNÁN NÚÑEZ, C. 1698, D. 11

Intimate photography. Portrait of a couple comprised of a cavalry soldier and his wife [Circa 1879]. Photographers: G. Langa (Madrid) and Z. Saravia. VIVERO, C. 212, D. 4

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