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Photography offices: the studios of the city and court

The provincial capitals and large cities in Spain saw the number of photography establishments flourish in the 19th century. These professionals dedicated themselves to studio portraits and to capturing urban panoramas of the most typical or unique tourist locations.

"The Italians", Becedo, 9 (Santander). Their motto "we work everyday, even when cloudy or raining". VIVERO, C. 214, D. 5

Protective paper of a photograph taken by Antonio Esplugas (1852-1929). FERMÍN PESCADOR, C.1, D. 26

Julián Arrillaga ran an establishment called Fotografía Artística Vascongada in Tolosa (Navarre), where oil-painting portraits were also done. VIVERO, C. 214, D. 12

Miguel Olivenza's photography gallery (Badajoz) [late 19th century]. VIVERO, C. 214, D. 6

Photography and Painting Office belonging to the widow of Oliván and brother, in Paseo de las Carmelitas (Salamanca). VIVERO, C. 214, D. 1.

Venancio Gombáu, famous photographer with a business in Calle Prior, 18 (Salamanca). VIVERO, C. 214, D. 15 He worked with the press and illustrated a book on the customs of La Alberca, Las Hurdes, Batuecas and Peña de Francia (1911).

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