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Modernity: inventions, science and photography

Paradigms of modernity, the photographers bore witness to progress, immortalising the most important scientific and technical advances of the Industrial Revolution Era.

Rafael Pezuela, 2nd Marquis of Pezuela, and his son Javier, during their visit to Paris (France), aboard a hot-air balloon [17-X-1890]. VIVERO, C. 214, D. 29 The aircraft was involved in an accident days later.

Exit from the hangar of the airship España, in Pau (France) [Before 1909]. Photographer: Dufau (Pau). HERNÁNDEZ IGLESIAS, CP. 391, D. 31

Steam pump offered by Miguel Cheslet, representative for Spain and Portugal of the firm Jos-Beduwe (established in Strasbourg and Liege), to the Duke of Fernán Núñez [7-III-1876]. FERNÁN NÚÑEZ, C. 2378, D. 67

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