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War and peace. The military portrait

Members of the military were possibly the most widely photographed group during the early days of photography, both individually and in groups. Their images in uniform, often full-body shots, come from the most reputable studios; group images of graduation ceremonies at the military academies, military manoeuvres, shooting competitions or the docking of warships at neutral ports were captured by the photographer of the day.

Portrait of the teachers at the War Orphans School in the Gallery of Infantado Palace (Guadalajara). [8-12-1925, Guadalajara]. Photographer: José Reyes (Guadalajara). FERMÍN PESCADOR, C. 1, D. 76

Fermín Pescador and a group of soldiers from the Africa Infantry Regiment, in the middle of a military manoeuvre (18-1-1898). Photographer: M. Compañy (Madrid). FERMÍN PESCADOR, C. 1, D. 54

Group of civilians and soldiers, award winners at the First National Shooting Contest (Zaragoza, 1900). Photographer: Unknown. FERMÍN PESCADOR, C. 1, D. 56

Studio portrait of Juan Nepomuceno de Orbe y Mariaca (1817-1891), 4th Marquis of Valdespina, wearing his Carlist medals. [Between 1876-1880] Photographer: Ferdinand Berillón (Bayonne, France). TORRELAGUNA, C, 499, D. 3.

Portrait of Colonel Joaquín de Bouligny (military governor of Cadiz during the proclamation of the 1st Spanish Republic, in 1868). [Circa 1890]. Photographer: Valentín Gómez (Madrid). VIVERO, C. 216, D. 4

Full-body studio portrait of a high-ranking Spanish military officer stationed in Cuba, wearing full-dress uniform [circa 1857-1875]. Photographer: J. Hernández (Havana). TRILLO-FIGUEROA, C. 1, D. 3.

Officer Juan López de Ceballos y Aguirre, wearing full-dress uniform. VIVERO, C. 214, D. 20

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